Ease to use

  • Anytime and anywhere access
    People who are invited to view the specific data room can easily access the data room from anywhere and anytime. The data room can be accessed from any part of the world and at anytime of the day. Unlike physical data room there is no restriction of geography or time.
  • Any device login
    Permitted viewer can access the documents from any device of his choice and there is no restriction of accessing the data room from specific devices which are generally the case in physical data room or old-style digital data rooms.
  • Easy Login
    Authorised viewers can login to the data room after simple authentication process based on OTP (One Time Password). There is no need to remembering any username of password, they do not require to carry around any hardware in form of a dongle or key for access to data room.
  • Q&A
    The platform provides an integrated Q&A facility on the platform. This is a user-friendly feature where the reader can raise questions while reviewing the documents and the data room owner can reply to those queries on the platform. All interaction happens on the platform and hence no data or interaction need to happen outside the platform. This not only make it convenient for the viewer and the admin but also helps in maintaining confidentiality of the document.
  • Bulk Upload
    Creating a data room is the most tedious job when it comes to using a data room service. Hence, we have provided a user-friendly feature of bulk upload of data room files. A data room owner can just create a folder of all the documents to be uploaded in the data room on his computer with respective subfolders and files. Then they can upload all these files at one go to Right2Vote data room with one click. Admin will still have option to individually edit and delete files from the data room.
  • Group creation
    This is another user-friendly feature which allows data room owner to configure different groups for different types of viewers who need to be given access to the data room. Owner can group together all viewer who need to be given similar access and hence save time during configuration.
  • Easy viewer management
    Admin can upload all the permitted viewers list as one single excel file or punch in details of permitted viewers if the list is small. No extensive process of user creation and allocation of user ID and password. No time wasted in lost password and locked accounts. It is equally easy to remove access of any user.
  • Public / Private data room
    Owner of data room can configure private or public data room. By default, each data room is kept public. However, for specific need if the data room owner wants to share the data with public at large without restriction, then he can use the public data room feature.